Braza Bras


The Braza Bra

Twenty five years ago BRAZA BRA introduced the first backless, strapless adhesive bra that really worked. Braza is still considered the standard for backless and strapless support and even though many other versions of the adhesive bra have entered the market, it's unlikely that any one will catch up any time soon to our past and current volume. Consumers and retailers know quality and that's why they ask for Braza by name.






 Braza Nipple Covers

Gel Petals have become very popular, but there are still many women that prefer a disposable version. Most disposable nipple covers on the market are made of a rigid or non-woven material that does not stretch to bust shape and do not meet our standards for safety, comfort and reliability. Braza nipple covers are made from a knitted material that stretches and conforms to the breast shape so there are no wrinkles or telltale edges to show through clothing.